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About Us

  was established in 2004 with a vision to offer the world top quality products from traditional tropical ingredients. Every single one of our products carries the beauty of our tropical lands and the inherent happiness of our people. With 10 years of experience creating infusions and seasonings for international markets we have become the leading organic grower and manufacturer in the region.

Our goal is to find partners that complete the supply chain in a manner which benefits all members involved in the process.


Production Facility

At  we manufacture with a semi-automated process. Every aspect of our manufacturing process is organic certified for the European Union and the U.S. markets. Our production facility is only 15 minutes away from the fields. We assure every single herb and fruit is cut and process on the same day. For more information on certificates see quality assurance.

is a manufacturer with various packaging technologies. We offer you cutting edge packaging technology. For more information on available packaging technologies see private labelling.

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