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We are very aware that the products you promote are an extension of your establishment’s identity and an aspect of its reputation. Our goal is to create products that reflect your identity and provide you with the quality your market desires.

Private Labeling Process:

  1. Send us your order and design of your label.
  2. We send you a quotation with the product cost, the printing cost and shipping for you to aprove or make changes.
  3. After your aproval our designers setup your design in our product templates (For more information on product templates please see "Packaging Technologies" below this page). Then we email you the design as a high quality PDF file for you to approve or to make changes.
  4. Fulfill your payment.
  5. Your order is manufactured, printed, packaged and shipped.

Time estimates of this process are specified in the quotation. Best PC formats for sending files are AI, PDF and JPG. We make all sending of files secure via Dropbox.

Packaging Technologies

CULTIVAR is a manufacturer with various packaging technologies. We offer you cutting edge packaging technologies for your Teas and Seasonings.

Tea Bag Manufacturer

Since 2012 CULTIVAR set out to manufacture tea bags. The tea bags can be manufactured in single filter paper bag or with an outside transparent PET bag with the easy to open system.

SingleTeaBag                                                   DoubleTeaBag

Composite Can Technology

Since 2013 CULTIVAR took a major step in packaging technology for organic materials. We paired with one of the major Packaging companies in Germany. We are talking about the Weidenhammer Packaging Group. Now we can package your Tea loose, Fruit slices and seasonings in these wonderful composite cans with easy Peel-off lid technology. The cans are made out of 100% recycled carton and inside has and aluminum foil which seals the product from outer contact. This way you get the fresh aromas and flavors always. The white plastic cap makes it resealable to keep the freshness after first usage. Also it can be stacked perfectly one on top of the other so you can get the maximum out of your display area at supermarkets. The composite can we currently offer is 73mm x 120mm (diameter x height). Regularly we package 80gr of Herbs inside but this may vary according the fruit, herb or powder it contains.


Glass seasoning

Since 2011 CULTIVAR set out to stand out at display in  sumarkets. So we created our unique slim and tall glass seasoning with double flapper plastic cap and seal of security on the inside. Currently we offer the plastic cap in black, green and red color. It contains between 38-48grams (1.34-1.69oz) of seasoning. This varies depending on the grinding and the product.

Double Flapper PET cap GlassSeasoning        plastic cap
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